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Be a Parent

It might take a while, but your kids will eventually thank you for it!

Be Involved, Be Influential

You can do this! Our local partners have a number of parent education opportunities available to help you gain the skills to talk to your kids, and sure they'll probably listen reluctantly, but the point is, they will listen.

Here are some of the parenting classes available throughout our region. 

Nurturing Parenting: From small children to young adults, parenting is tough. Join us for a 10-week class to build your parenting toolbox.

Conscious Discipline: Create a school/home family. Understand how your stress response can impact your parenting and your child's response. Learn to help yourself cope with parenting challenges and how to teach your kids coping skills. Connect more and change your family dynamic. 

Strengthening Families: Do you have a pre-teen or a young teen? Join us for a class where you come with your youth and build communication. This class is 2.5 hours for 7 weekly sessions. Coming straight from work? A light dinner is served.

Just for Dads: Being a dad is different than being a mom, and that’s ok. Dad’s join us for this bi-weekly class where you choose the topics and get to hear from other dad’s about their parenting successes and challenges.

Dad's Talk: a group for fathers and father figures in Muskegon County to discuss what they face while parenting. For more information email Norm. 

Check out our event section for Parent Town Halls

Other Resources

Download: Marijuana: Common Myths as Reported by Youth (.PDF)

DrugRehab.com has a new resource on how to talk to your teens.

Have college-aged kids? CollegeParentsMatter.com has advice for talking to your college-aged students about drinking and communication.