Calhoun County is served by both the Substance Abuse Council and the Albion – Homer Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition.

Find details, meeting info, and contact information for both groups below:

Substance Abuse Council logo 300x222 - CalhounSubstance Abuse Council (SAC)

The SAC is a drug prevention coalition serving the community for over 30 years. Realizing our purpose of achieving greater community health is made possible with collaborative partnerships amongst schools, youth, religious organizations, healthcare, government agencies, law enforcement, media, local businesses, community organizations, foundations, and parents.

SAC’s mission is achieving greater community health through the prevention and reduction of substance abuse.

Educational Presentations include:

  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines & meth lab identification
  • Understanding addiction
  • Substance abuse recovery
  • Prescription drug abuse & heroin
  • Underage drinking prevention
  • Identifying the physical effects of substance abuse
  • Impaired/responsible driving
  • Substance abuse in Calhoun County and substance abuse in the workplace

Prevention Programs and Initiatives offered are:

  • Above the Influence
  • Strengthening Families Program
  • Toward No Drug Abuse
  • Towards No Tobacco Abuse
  • Life skills
  • Learning to Live Tobacco Free
  • Project Ex
  • Prime for Life

Task Forces and Committees:

  • Substance Abuse Workgroup
  • Meth and Medicine Abuse Prevention
  • 5C’s Tobacco Workgroup
  • Marijuana Prevention
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Data

SAC Meetings

The Recovery Oriented Systems of Care group meets on the second Wednesday of the month in the conference room at the Battle Creek Community Foundation from 10-11 am. Other groups meet as needed.

SAC Contacts

Dawn Smith
Executive Director, BS, CPS-M
[email protected]

Heather Vought
Program Manager, BS, CPS
[email protected]

Danyelle Maitland
Prevention Director, BS, CPS
[email protected]

Sean Washington
Project Coordinator, CPS
[email protected]

SAC On The Web

Above the Influence Facebook Page

SAC Red Med Box Locations

Properly dispose of expired or unused medications at:

Battle Creek

Calhoun County Sheriff Office – Justice Complex
161 E Michigan, Battle Creek, MI
8-4:00 Mon-Friday

Battle Creek Police Department
20 N Division, Battle Creek, MI
Open 24/7

Emmett Township Dept of Public Safety
617 Cliff Street, Battle Creek, MI
8-5:00 Mon-Friday

Bronson Outpatient Pharmacy
363 Fremont, Suite 111, Battle Creek
9-5:30 pm Mon-Fri


Calhoun County Sheriff Office
130 E Main St, Homer, MI
8-5:00 Mon-Friday


Calhoun County Sheriff Office
601 Avenue A, Springfield, MI
7:30-5 pm Mon-Thurs / 8-12:00 Fridays


Marshall Regional Law Enforcement Center
714 Old US 27 N, Marshall, MI
269-781-0880 / 269-558-0520
8-5:00 Mon-Friday

ACSAPC LOGO - CalhounAlbion – Homer Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (AHSAPC)

The mission of the coalition is to plan and implement community-wide mobilization strategies and county-wide collaborative efforts that prevent or reduce substance use among youth, while positively impacting the associated consequences of substance use and abuse among adults.

The primary objective of the coalition is to advocate for the comprehensive delivery of substance use and mental health disorder prevention, intervention and treatment services among the population in and around the greater Albion/Marshall area (Eastern Calhoun County). The goal is twofold:

To prevent or reduce substance use and co-occuring disorders by targeting specific local groups and environmental conditions.

To mobilize community in identifying and addressing the social issues or conditions contributing to a rise in the potential for drug abuse and mental health disorder.

AHSAPC’s steering committee and active prevention partners are trained in intervention and community mobilization; Implementation of research-based, data driven model programs is the common thread among prevention programs and campaign activities endorsed and supported by the coalition:

Cultural Diversity and Awareness is the central theme throughout this Strategic Prevention Framework for local prevention activity. Systems change through effective identification of local risk and protective factors and early identification and referral is the hallmark of all local prevention efforts.

Creating the capacity to develop safe, healthy behaviors and supporting environmental conditions for children and youth to thrive starts with establishing healthy beliefs and clear standards in families, schools, communities, and peer groups. There are three priority focus areas for coalition-led prevention and awareness campaigns:

  • Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Underage Drinking Prevention
  • Marijuana Awareness and SUD Prevention

Coalition participation in Battle Creek based county-wide initiatives serves to better inform the larger network of service providers concerning special needs or barriers on the eastern side of the county.

AHSAPC on the Web


AHSAPC Meetings

9:00 AM to 10:30 AM – 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Wesley Lounge (adjoins Wesley Chapel)
Albion First United Methodist Church
600 East Michigan Avenue, Albion, MI

From the church parking lot – entrance to the lounge is at the south side of the tunnel underpass.

AHSAPC Red Med Box Location

Albion City Hall – Front Lobby
112 W. Cass Street, Albion, MI

SWMBH Logo 250 - Calhoun

Substance Abuse Prevention Services, Inc (SAPS)

AHSAPC was founded by Harry J. Bonner, Sr. His agency (SAPS) continues to support ACSAPC in its growth as a community-based task force of committed local individuals representing a variety of key stakeholders including:

  • Youth service organizations
  • Human service agencies
  • Health and medical service providers
  • Public housing authorities
  • Faith-based community groups
  • Local school districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Various governmental entities
  • Public and private sector businesses

In support of coalition activities, the agency, with active participation of its community partners, engages both school personnel and the community at-large to provide program activities and implement prevention campaigns targeting the area’s high-risk groups. Some of the programs and activities provided by SAPS and its partnerships are:

SAPS on the Web



Harry J. Bonner Sr., CPS-M
SAPS Executive Director
(517) 914-5921
[email protected]

D. Chris Farmer, CPS
SAPS Program Director
(517) 629-2113
[email protected]