Livingston County Community Alliance (LCCA) mobilizes community members to be partners in prevention for youth and adult alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drug use. The LCCA also advocates for the development of a comprehensive substance abuse delivery system.

Our mission is to unite the Livingston County community to reduce and prevent youth substance abuse and to live a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

Increase community collaboration to reduce youth substance use by:

  • Providing educational opportunities for youth, parents, and community members to learn about youth substance use
  • Recognizing current community partners
  • Developing relationships for future partnerships
  • Developing community awareness campaigns and initiatives which empower teens to take action to decrease peer use

Reduce youth substance use by:

  • Reducing youth accesses to substances
  • Enhancing barriers to youth substance use in the community
  • Changing consequences of youth substance use in the community
  • Providing educational opportunities for youth, parents, and community members to learn about youth substance use
  • Providing alternative drug-free activities for youth
  • Modifying and changing policies related to youth substance use
  • Changing the physical design of the community to limit youth access to substances

The Livingston County Community Alliance meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 6pm-7:30pm at the Livingston County Public Safety Complex.

Please contact Sarah McGeorge, LCCA Coordinator, at 517-545-5944 or [email protected].

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The LCCA provides many opportunities to become involved in reducing and preventing youth substance use in Livingston County. You can join one of our multiple committees, including:

  • Prevention In Action (which covers alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and volunteer opportunities)
  • Prescription Drug Misuse/Abuse
  • The Big Red Barrel
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Fund Development
  • The Youth-Led Prevention Team
  • The Data and Evaluation Committee

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Dispose of your unused prescription medication in the Big Red Barrel! These can be found at:

Reducing Prescription Drug Misuse/Abuse

The Livingston County Community Alliance’s greatest accomplishment has been the creation and expansion of the Big Red Barrel. With the hard work and dedication of coalition members, the LCCA created permanent prescription drug collections units. Based off the notion that heroin use typically starts with prescription drug abuse, the program utilizes community partnerships and educational tools to raise awareness of the importance of disposing unused medication. Since the start of the program in 2011, multiple communities within the State of Michigan have adopted the Big Red Barrel Project. Over 65 Barrels can be found in Michigan, including one at every Michigan State Police Post in Michigan. So far, the Big Red Barrels have collected over 40,000 lbs of medication.

Reducing Underage Drinking

In partnership with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, the LCCA has been implementing alcohol compliance checks, TIPS Server Training, and Alcohol Retailer Education since 2008. Within that time, the coalition has increased the alcohol retailer compliance rates by 25%, trained over 150 servers about responsible beverage server training, and educated over 300 alcohol retailers. Additionally, the LCCA has worked with local youth to implement Project Sticker Shock in all seven communities. Project Sticker Shock is a youth-based activity in which teens place stickers on cases of alcohol, reminding buyers that it is illegal to purchase alcohol for minors.

Reducing Youth Marijuana Use

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana, Livingston County youth are educating the Livingston County community about the dangers of youth marijuana use and the “reality” of marijuana use at their schools. The teens are also educating Livingston County Commissioners about the strong correlation between youth marijuana use rates and local marijuana dispensaries. Trainings are being held to educate community members about youth marijuana use and the impacts marijuana on the community.

Safe Homes

A “Safe Home” is a home in which the family or an adult has committed to providing a safe and substance-free environment for their children and any other youth who spends time there. Adults can be confident that minors under the age of 21 will not be offered or allowed to use drugs or alcohol while they are in these families’ homes. Safe Homes was created in response to a growing concern among residents about the prevalence and perceived acceptance of teen drinking parties hosted by parents. Parents visit the LCCA website and take the Safe Homes pledge. The family’s name is then posted on the website, letting other families know that underage alcohol use and drug use will not be tolerated in their home or on their property.