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Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP)

The Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (OSAP) is dedicated to the reduction of substance abuse in Ottawa County and has several committees and taskforces dedicated to addressing issues around substance abuse.

Vision of the Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP) Coalition

We who live, work, and care about youth in Ottawa County will prevent substance abuse through effective, coordinated and sustainable action.

Who we are

The Ottawa Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is a group of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use. We are advocating for a community that supports and encourages substance free youth.

Priority Areas

Based on the 2013 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey, the following priority areas were identified:

  • Almost 1 in 5 students report current alcohol use and 1 in 10 report current binge drinking.
  • About 1 in 8 students report current use of marijuana.
  • 1 in 9 students report having misused prescription medication at least once in their lifetime.
  • Youth in Ottawa County are initiating substance use at an early age (typically around age 14).
  • Emerging Drug Trends are popular trends that can draw youth into harmful/risky behaviors.

For updated Statistics go to the 2017 Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey.


The Coalition meets quarterly on the 4th Friday of October, January, April and July from 11:30am to 1pm at the Ottawa County Fillmore Complex and has a virtual attendance option.  To get involved, contact Leigh Moerdyke [email protected] at 616-396-2301.

OSAP has a number of subcommittees and taskforces working on substance abuse issues in Ottawa County:

  • Quadrant Based Subcommittees: These subcommittees work on implementing OSAP initiatives in their local communities. Each subcommittee is based in one of the population centers of Ottawa County. The subcommittees work to address the challenges facing their unique communities. There are currently 3 quadrant subcommittees.
    • SW Subcommittee serves Holland/West Ottawa/Zeeland school districts and meets on either the first or second Thursday of every month.
    • NW Subcommittee serves Grand Haven and Spring Lake and is currently being redesigned.
    • NE Subcommittee serves Coopersville and Allendale and is done in partnership with the NEOForum and the ABC Coalition.
    • SE Quadrant serves Jenison and Hudsonville and meets on either the first or second Wednesday of every month.
  • Prescription Drug and Opiate Taskforce: An Ad-hoc taskforce of the coalition, this committee is working to reduce the increasing rate of heroin and prescription drug misuse in Ottawa County. The committee is working on increasing awareness of prescription drug takeback opportunities and aligning the substance abuse system to increase effectiveness of treatment. For More information visit: www.miottawa.org/substanceuse or contact Jessica.
  • ROADD Logo   final 300x175 - OttawaReducing Ottawa Area Drunk Driving (ROADD) Coalition was recently brought under the OSAP Umbrella as a committee seeking to reduce alcohol-involved crashes in Ottawa County by reducing underage access to alcohol, increasing the perception of the consequences of drunk driving and encouraging responsible beverage service practices
  • Student Leaders Initiating Change is a youth coalition developing our leadership skills to encourage our peers to make decisions that have a positive impact on themselves and the community. The Youth Coalition initiative of Ottawa Substance New SLIC logo 2016 small 300x175 - OttawaAbuse Prevention (OSAP) Coalition and Arbor Circle, involves High School Students from around the county and partners with existing youth leadership groups. http://www.ottawaslic.org

Projects of the various committees and taskforces:

  • Safe Prom: The Safe Prom campaign brings together our youth leaders and our alcohol retailers and prom vendors. All businesses associated with prom are provided materials to help them prevent underage drinking. Students are also provided with materials reminding them not all of their peers use alcohol or drugs and to make healthy choices.
  • OSAP Parent E-newsletter: The parent newsletter provides parents with information regarding emerging drug trends and other challenges associated with youth substance use. The newsletter also provides insight on having those tough conversations with your youth.
  • Drunk Driving Preventing: The goal is to reduce the number of Ottawa County residents who drive while intoxicated. Much of the work involved a social marketing campaign. View our Mobile Eyes Poster.
  • Alcohol compliance checks are conducted throughout the County by law enforcement agencies on a regular basis to reduce sales of alcohol to minors.
  • Awareness of the Social Host Liability Law in Michigan will reduce minors’ access to alcohol at parties and social gatherings.
  • Responsible Beverage Service: The goal of the Responsible Beverage Service Project is to decrease the number of intoxicated patrons exiting licensed alcohol establishments. This group is made up of alcohol retailers and law enforcement agencies throughout the county. This group promotes trainings for servers of licensed alcohol establishments, offers Holiday Tune-Up Trainings for retailers and assists local police departments who conduct alcohol compliance checks.
  • Parent Workshops: The OSAP Parent workshop series runs from October through June each year. The series includes one to three one time workshops for parents on an issue related to youth substance use. Parents learn skills and resources to help their youth develop in the most positive way possible.

Youth Led Activities

  • ATI Day
  • Red Ribbon Week: October
  • Holiday Celebration: December
  • Raise Your Voice: November – March
  • National Drug Facts Week
  • Safe Prom: April/ May
  • Service Projects as planned
  • Above the Influence (ATI): Events and Activities Ongoing

Get Involved

Meets the 3rd Thursday monthly at Arbor Circle (Holland Office) from 7-8:30pm or At your school: Black River, Holland High School, Hudsonville High School, West Ottawa High School, Spring Lake High School, Zeeland High School and Careerline Tech Center.

For more information visit: www.ottawaslic.org or email OttawaSLIC.

Got Drugs?

There are a number of places in Ottawa County offering residents free disposal of unneeded, expired or unwanted medications throughout the year!

The locations below will take back unused medications during business hours and can accept controlled substances:

  • Zeeland City: 29 W. Main Street
  • West Olive Sheriff’s Office: 12220 Fillmore Street
  • Holland City Police Department: 89 W. 8th Street
  • Grand Haven Township: 13250 168th Avenue
  • Coopersville City: 289 Danforth Street
  • Hudsonville City: 3275 Central Boulevard
  • Georgetown Township: 3100 Port Sheldon Road

We also have an interactive map available for current drop off sites that include businesses having extended hours for takeback opportunities.

Instructions for transporting and disposal of unused prescription medication

Please plan to transport your medications in their original bottle and bring the supplies to prepare your medications for disposal at the location of the drop off site. For disposal we ask you remove the pills from the bottle and place them in a Ziploc bag style. Liquids or gels can be kept in its original package, but please remove or blacken the label and place in a Ziploc bag. If you have any questions about unwanted medication collection, please call (616) 393-5645.

To download a prescription drug management log click here.