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West Michigan kids are trying more than just alcohol at age 12


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Talk Sooner Campaign now has an App for Iphone and Android! This app will give you tips and tricks for how to talk to your kids about not using alcohol or other drugs.



Talk early. Talk often. Learn How. Studies show that kids in west and southwest Michigan are experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and other drugs as early as age twelve. The sooner you talk, the easier it is to keep the line of communication open with your children. This site has links to helpful resources, techniques, and conversation starts, as well as our facebook page with current information and events in West Michigan. Visit our Parents section with more resources just for you.

Youth. Be heard. Have a voice. Do your peers talk about what everyone’s “doing” and tell you that everyone’s drinking, smoking and abusing other drugs?  Find out if that’s true and find other resources in the Youth section.

National Anti-Drug Association Calling for “Reality Check” on Pot- click here for the full article



Upcoming Events

Raising an Above the Influence Teen: Encouraging a Safe Prom - April 24 2014 at 5:50 PM

Online workshop for parents and youth featuring Bob Anastas!
Date: Live: April 24, 2014 3:00pm - 4:00pm Questions can be posted at any time!
Where: on Google+ and Youtube
Bob Anastas is the founder and former President of Students Against Drunk Driving.  Bob’s presentation will focus on the dangers of drunk driving and the practices or disciplines students should be keeping in   order to succeed to their fullest potential. Bob will discuss how parents can help support their youth in this. Join us for this great opportunity to work together as parents to help make sure our students have a Safe Prom!  Parents are invited and encouraged to watch this presentation with their youth and to use this as a conversation starter with their teen. Youth are welcome and encouraged to submit questions! 

Join: Follow the link and sign into your Google account to join this event.  If you do not have a Google account you can sign in using your YouTube account.
Once you have signed into the event, you click on the event title or choose that you will watch the event. Once you click on the event title it will take you to the event page to leave questions or watch the live Q&A.

Questions: contact Leigh at

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Supporting Communities is a joint effort between the following West Michigan counties:

Featured Drug: E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes (electronic cigarettes) are battery-operated devices that simulate tobacco smoking. The devices contain a heating element and a liquid solution. When the user sucks on the device, a sensor activates the heating element, which vaporizes the liquid solution and enables the user to inhale it. The liquid solutions come in many different flavors and typically contain nicotine, although there are solutions available that do not contain nicotine.