Helping Parents Prevent Youth Substance Abuse
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Parents, need help having the drug talk? There's an app for that.

Parents- do you need help with keeping up on the latest trends but you don't have a smart phone?  Check out our parent resource page for a list of resources that you might find helpful.  

The ever changing marijuana laws and legalization states have led to several misconceptions and myths as identified by youth.  We recently released a series of posts on the talk sooner app to address these myths.  Please see the attached document for a summary of those app posts.   

Check out this new resource from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: Marijuana Talk Kit; What you need to know to talk with your teen about marijuana.  

Supporting Communities is a joint effort between the following West Michigan counties:

Featured Drug: Drug Trend Alert: Marijuana Wax, Oil or Concentrates

This drug has a THC level of 60%-80% and is growing in popularity. Additionally, its method of production has led to explosions, which have caused injuries and deaths.