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Your kid does actually want to
talk to you

(About drugs anyway)

Talking tips

From Meals to Car Rides, Make the Chatter Matter

It’s easy to feel unsure about when or where to talk with our kids about substance use – or even what to say. No worries! The Kimble Family serves up tips to make the most of meal time, while Vicki Kavanaugh turns up the conversation when the wheels hit the road. Check out these quick videos for a dose of inspiration.

Mealtime Check-In Ideas


Car Ride Conversation Starters


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The Truth About Youth Vaping - A Community Conversation

Hear the voices of those on the front lines of this epidemic – from a local pulmonologist to a Grand Haven mom and her family’s journey with her son in long-term recovery.

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Talking Tips

Just as you protect your kids against illnesses, you can help safeguard them against drug use by giving them the facts before they're in a risky situation.

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  • Be available for your children

    • Notice times when your kids are most likely to talk — for example, at bedtime, before dinner, in the car — and be available.
  • Hypocrite. Judgy. Liar.

    • Sometimes our teens have harsh words when the topic of drugs/drinking is raised. Talksooner’s `Mom Squad’ to the rescue for those pesky questions our teens are asking.
  • Let your kids know you're listening

    • When your children are talking about concerns, try to stop what you are doing and listen.
  • Respond in a way your children will hear

    • Soften strong reactions; kids will tune you out if you appear angry or defensive.

Virtual Teen Room Tour


Virtual Teen Room: What is hiding in plain sight?

Today, youth can easily conceal vapes, alcohol, and other substances with everyday, ordinary objects. At first glance, a parent or teacher might see a hi-liter, but it is a vape pen hiding in plain sight. A water bottle on the nightstand looks normal but can come apart to stash substances. Not sure what to look for or even where to begin? Tour through a teen's room staged with 44 different concealment containers, vape pens, and other indicators of youth substance use. For more information from substance use prevention professionals about the room, its concept, the items in the room, and further helpful information, click here.


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Hey Parents! Need help with the drug talk?

Mercy Health, University of Michigan Health-West, Cherry Health and Spectrum Health are uniting with Talksooner as a healthcare community to bolster prevention!