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    Any Way You Slice It, Prevention Matters


    The Lake County Community Collaborative partnered with Pompeii Pizza to host the "Any Way You Slice It" Campaign. TalkSooner representative Qur'an Griffin and Anna & Josh Johnson (New owners at Pompeii's) participated in an interview with TV 9&10:

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    TalkSooner teams up with local pizzerias to help parents & kids talk about substance use prevention. TalkSooner representative Nadia Kimble and Russo's Pizza owners Mike & Shay share their tips and tricks with FOX17:

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    TalkSooner representative Nadia Kimble and Nick Cadena of Cadena Brothers Pizza in Muskegon team up with WoodTV8 to share the important message of using Family Meals Month in September as an opportunity to reduce the chance of your teen engaging in risky behaviors like using tobacco, alcohol and marijuana:

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    Navigating Teachable Moments


    The WGVU Morning show and TalkSooner discuss helping parents navigate teachable moments when it comes to talking to kids about alcohol, especially during the holiday.

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    Drinking & Celebrations - Your Kids are Watching:


    TalkSooner explains how to show healthy drinking habits during the holidays around kids & teens

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    Opening the door for conversation at family meal time

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    DEA warns Michiganders of 'rainbow' fentanyl targeting kids and young people

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    What's hiding in your teens' texts?


    Be aware of these hidden codes for drug buying/selling. Give a listen to one of Talksooner prevention specialists chatting with WGVSU’s Shelley Irwin on her Morning Show.

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    TalkSooner provides free online resources to assist parents with the "drug talk"


    TalkSooner provides free online resources to assist parents with the "drug talk"


    Author: FOX 17 WXMI
    Published: February 16, 2021

    TalkSooner.org helps you talk with your kids about drug use


    Now is the perfect time to start a conversation about a topic often avoided.


    Author:Mackenzie Brefka (WZZM 13)
    Published:12:46 PM EDT August 3, 2020
    Updated: 3:22 PM EDT August 4, 2020


    TalkSooner.org PSA


    Published: March 8, 2020