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    Your kid actually wants to talk with you, especially about drugs.

    Talking Tips

    From Meals to Car Rides, Make the Chatter Matter


    It’s easy to feel unsure about when or where to talk with our kids about substance use – or even what to say. No worries! The Kimble Family serves up tips to make the most of meal time, while Vicki Kavanaugh turns up the conversation when the wheels hit the road. Check out these quick videos for a dose of inspiration.

    Mealtime Check-In Ideas

    Car Ride Conversation Starters

    Talk sooner the truth about vaping

    The Truth About Youth Vaping - A Community Conversation

    Hear the voices of those on the front lines of this epidemic – from a local pulmonologist to a Grand Haven mom and her family’s journey with her son in long-term recovery.


    Today, youth can easily conceal vapes, alcohol, and other substances with everyday, ordinary objects. At first glance, a parent or teacher might see a hi-liter, but it is a vape pen hiding in plain sight. A water bottle on the nightstand looks normal but can come apart to stash substances. Not sure what to look for or even where to begin? Tour through a teen's room staged with 44 different concealment containers, vape pens, and other indicators of youth substance use. For more information from substance use prevention professionals about the room, its concept, the items in the room, and further helpful information, click here.

    TalkSooner.org is a credible source for parents to get support for teenage drug and alcohol challenges or just proactively talk to your child as an informed parent. I often refer our high school parents to this website for solid and trustworthy information.

    Deb deals
    Deb Beals
    Assistant Principal, Plainwell Community Schools

    As a grandfather, I know how vital it is to have resources like TalkSooner. These tools help families engage effectively in difficult but important conversations. 

    Jak Greenfield
    Jack Greenfield
    LRE Board Member, Retired President/CEO, Arbor Circle

    Throughout my career as a prosecutor, I have observed the frustration, pain, and desperation that families experience due to their child's use and abuse of drugs. Because of this experience and being a parent of children myself, I know how critical the role parents must play in educating our children about the dangers of drug use. Parents, talk to your kids - they need your guidance and talksooner.org can help. Together we can win this battle. 

    DJ Hilson
    DJ Hilson
    Muskegon County Prosecutor

    There has never been a more important time to have conversations about drugs and alcohol with our kids. As a Public Health physician, parent & grandparent, I have found TalkSooner to be the best toolkit to make prevention a reality. 

    Dr richard m tooker mug 7333e749dafb7108
    Dr. Richard M Tooker
    Medical Director, Allegan County Health Department

    It can be difficult to have the 'drug talk' with our children, but Talksooner can help! Talksooner offers a free app and website, helping parents/caregivers navigate these important conversations. 

    Jenny bush
    Dr. Jenny Bush
    Pediatrician, Director of Pediatrics

    Talksooner.org is hands down the best resource for parents to learn what drugs are trending among youth, and how to start uncomfortable, but necessary conversation on drugs.

    Qur'an Griffin
    Mother of 2 Teens, Newaygo County, MI

    I have spent my entire career guiding youth through social, emotional and developmental challenges. Talksooner.org is a great resource for engaging parents, educators, counselors, ect. in working through these often though conversations.

    Photo 1494790108377 be9c29b29330
    Jay Roberts-Eveland, MA
    Retired, LRE Executive Board & Watson Township Planning Commission

    Prevention is truly the best medicine. I fully support parents having the 'drug talk' with their kids, with resources like www.talksooner.org for tips and guidance.

    James forshee
    Dr. James Forshee
    Chief Medical Officer

    Communication is at the forefront of my relationship with my children. The Talksooner app has been an amazing tool to help me have intentional conversations with my children about substance use.

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    Shawn Washington
    Mother of 2, Baldwin, MI